The Campaign for a New Foundation

In this and the last five centuries every Eton boy has benefited from the generosity of the College’s Founder, Henry VI and the generations of OEs, parents, friends and masters who have followed his example and made their own gifts to support the school. As a result, Eton is fortunate to offer a number of scholarships and bursaries and to provide magnificent collections as well as outstanding buildings and grounds. But the annual contribution from the existing Foundation, Eton's endowment, now provides not much more than 10% of Eton’s operating revenues and this is not sufficient to meet the school’s needs or its aspirations.

Today Eton is conducting its first comprehensive capital campaign since the 1950s. The primary goals are to increase the endowment, particularly funds for bursaries and to secure funds for the conservation and renewal of Eton's facilities. In due course every member of the extended Eton community will be invited to participate. If you would like to make a gift or legacy, or require more information, please contact the Development Office:

Eton College
(01753) 370630

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